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This is a comm dedicated to the exchange of fandom goodies for the TV series House.

Each sign-up period will last appproximately two weeks. The sign-up process is fairly simple - just make a new post to the comm with your wishlist (format below). Once everyone has signed up, the mods will hand out assignments. To add a little spice to it, the assignments will be given anonymously so you won't know who's writing for you until the final gifts are posted. You'll have about a month or so to create your gift. Then the fun part - posting! Everyone will post their gift to the comm so we can all enjoy!

We'll have our biggest exchange around Christmas, with a few smaller exchanges scattered throughout the year.

There's no minimum on the gift, but please respect your recipient's request and try to make your gift substantial enough. Also, if you make a request you are obligated to also provide a gift. If you won't be able to fulfill the request, then please let us know in time to find a pinch hitter who can provide something for your recipient.

Follow this format when you make your request:

  • Name:

  • I Want: What would you like? Include the fic, graphics, video that you'd like - be as specifc as you'd like, but it might also be helpful to your writer/artist to give a back-up something you'd like, as well.

  • I Can: Include here what you are able to do (fic, graphics, etc.).

  • I Absolutely Cannot: Include here what you are unable or unwilling to do.

  • Able to pinch hit if necessary? Yes or No

I'm really looking forward to getting this started; if anyone has any suggestions, just comment here!
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