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First Exchange

I forgot to include a couple of things in the official "Open" post, so here's just a little reminder.

Our first Summer Exchange has begun! To sign up, just post a new entry to the comm - here's the format:

  • Name:

  • I Want: What would you like? Include the fic, graphics, video that you'd like - be as specifc as you'd like, but it might also be helpful to your writer/artist to give a back-up something you'd like, as well.

  • I Can: Include here what you are able to do (fic, graphics, etc.).

  • I Absolutely Cannot: Include here what you are unable or unwilling to do.

  • Able to pinch hit if necessary? Yes or No

For this exchange, we are accepting everything: fanfiction, graphics, video, etc. There is also no minimum for this exchange. If you're only inspired to create a little, well that gives you more time to make it great!

Sign-ups close: July 7
You can start posting your gifts August 1
The deadline for posting is: August 12
If you aren't going to be able to finish your gift in time, then please let us know before August 8 so we can find someone to pinch hit.

So go on and sign up! I'm excited; let's make this a great first exchange!
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